Acquire customers with Facebook

Facebook has more than 2 billion active users worldwide. With effective Facebook Marketing you can advertise to those users that are likely to be interested in your brand, products or services.

Facebook allows advertisers to publish ads with very flexible and specific targeting options such as age, gender, place of residence, language, interests, relationship status, jobs, behaviors, friends and much more. You can reach exactly those people that are most valuable for your business.

We help our clients with the planning, realisation and optimisation of Facebook Marketing campaigns – individually tailored to your business and marketing objectives such as traffic and lead generation or increasing brand awareness, the number of likes or overall conversion and sales numbers.

Our services

  • Strategic Planning of Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Target Group Analysis
  • Creation of target-oriented ads
  • Integration of Tracking Pixels
  • Management of Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Continuous Optimisation of Ad Campaigns
  • Analysis and Reporting

Our Goals

  • Increasing your business and brand awareness
  • Analysing and Addressing new Target Groups
  • Winning Insights about your potential customers
  • Increasing your overall sales numbers and revenue

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