Yeah, I finally hold my brand new Nexus 5 with Android KitKat in my hands. The Google/LG phone was launched on the 31st of October in North America, Western Europe, Australia, Japan and Korea Republic. I ordered the black 32 GB version for 399 Euro. A friend from Germany who came to visit me in South Africa brought the phone with him.

A user from wanted to know whether the Nexus 5 also works on SA networks. I was quite sure of that otherwise I would not have ordered it but I promised to check and let him know.

So when I just received the Nexus 5 I cutted my old SIM into a micro SIM card because the Nexus 5 only works with this format. You can also buy a Mirco SIM card in a cellular shop and swop your number but I did not want to wait and pay the service charge for it. And my cutted Mirco SIM card works just fine.

So yes, the Nexus 5 works on SA mobile networks. If you don’t want to wait until it will be launched in South Africa (if ever…) you can order it in the US, Japan or Europa and import it.

Befor setting up my new Nexus 5 I rooted it using the CF Auto Root method. If your android phone was rooted you gain full read and write permissions on your device and are able to modify the software on the very deepest level, install your own mods, root-only apps and skins, remove preinstalled apps, overlocking the CPU and so on. But please don’t do it if you don’t know what you do. You could destroy your phone and void your warranty. Also remember that all your data will be wiped when you first root your android phone. So you should do it before you set up your phone.

Here are some pictures:

I probably won’t write a review of the Nexus 5 because there are already so many online. You just have to google for it. So far I am very happy with it and thinks that it is the best phone $350 can buy.